White, White, and more White

Sometimes nothing says modern elegance better than an all-white arrangement.  Don’t get me wrong, I love big bold color!  I also love blushes, ivories, and creams.  But sometimes, the absence of color makes just as bold of a statement.  For those of you thinking that you’d like to have an all-white bouquet or centerpiece, here are some gorgeous ideas for you!

Brandon Lata Photography + Sara York Grimshaw

This bouquet is all white (ok, there’s a hint of grey in there…) but what I love is that no texture was lost by eliminating the color.  The wild-flowery look is accomplished by using many different kinds of flowers, while the all white color palette makes it a classic!

Chelsea Anne Photography and Parties and Petals

I can’t even imagine how good this bouquet smells-even the bride got caught smelling her bouquet of lilies!

Gabriel Ryan + Nisie’s Enchanted Florist

Ok, so technically, there’s some green in here.  But in this bouquet, the greens really act as a neutral.  The gardenias and roses create a simple, yet elegant bouquet that needs no other accent other than the very leaves that came with the flowers.  This is a great way to get a natural look that would work indoors or outdoors.

Holly Chapple Florals + Sweet Pea Photography

Sometimes all you need is two blooms to make an impact!  Here, the amaryllis blooms act as a simple bouquet, and ribbon accents are used to tie in the color.

Jasmine Star + Nisie’s Enchanted Florist

For a truly classic look, consider using only one type of flower.  There are not many flowers more elegant and sleek than these phalaenopsis orchids.

Kimberly Salem Photography + Denise Fasanello Flowers

I love the look of having small bouquets of the same flower in separate vases.  Paired with white candles, it’s easy to create a modern and elegant table arrangement.

RomaBea Images + Brassavolas Floral Couture

I love this combination of soft hydrangeas and feathers, with the spiky lilies, and dripping orchids.  Beautiful!

Sebasta Design, LLC + Liz and Ryan Photography

This romantic bouquet is just full of sweet, ruffly flowers that create a classic, round bouquet.  Perfect for any bride wanting a classic look.

Sweet Blossoms + Elliott O’Donovan Photography

Hard to go wrong with a bouquet of peonies.  Don’t they just look like little clouds?

Sweet Blossoms + Leo DJ Photography

I loved using the different textures of the spiky calla lily tips, with the soft roses, and the flowing ostrich feathers for this bouquet.  Don’t be afraid to add non-floral elements!  Feathers add a great new texture to any bouquet or centerpiece.


As you can see, an all-white bouquet is far from boring!  They can be elegant, modern, or romantic, and they are always a classic.  I hope you enjoyed these inspiring photos as much as I do!


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