The Dahlia

The Dahlia….oh the dahlia….One of the most gorgeous seasonal flowers we have.  It comes in as many colors as you can think of and in several shapes.  Here on the East Coast, we can usually get them from late summer through the fall.  They’re one of my favorites and I am blessed enough to be able to purchase my dahlias from a local grower, Don’s Dahlias.  You can visit my post about my heavenly trip to his farm here Chapel Designers.  That was an amazing trip for so many reasons!  So the collection today is all about the dahlia.  Notice how the different textures can be used in so many ways.
Flora Organica

In the middle of this bouquet, you can see what I call The Queen of the dahlias, the Cafe Au Lait dahlia.  It can be anything between a ivory creamy color, all the way to a dusty pink.  Different colors of flowers can bring out different shades of this beauty. Here the ribbon and other flowers bring out almost a peachy tone!

Jose Villa Photography and Holly Flora

 Paired with neutral toned flowers, this Cafe Au Lait looks pretty pink.  So much pretty just from one flower.  What a show stopper!

Kimberly Salem Photography + Denise Fasanello Flowers

 Here a buttery white dahlia pairs beautifully with the greens and whites in this arrangement.

Levi Tijerina Photography + Brigitte from Floral Design of Europe

I love this gorgeous pink dahlia.  You really don’t need a lot of them to make an impact!

Nancy Liu Chin Design and Bokeh Photography

 This is a favorite of mine.  A non-traditional black and white bouquet, into which The Queen fits perfectly!  I love the dark greenery as well!


 Nothing better than an asymetrical shape for a table arrangement.  I love the movement of the clematis, lilac, and those gorgeous parrot tulips, but to me the dahlia is still front and center!

Sebasta Design LLC and Tyler Boye Photography

 All these pretty dusty colored flowers only accent the Cafe Au Lait’s dusty pink color.  Who wouldn’t want to carry this bouquet down the aisle towards the love of their life?  Such a romantic bouquet!

The Blue Carrot

I cannot say enough about the work of The Blue Carrot.  This gorgeous bouquet uses the color from the ribbon and the accompanying flowers to create a light and airy bouquet that looks like it was plucked straight from the gardens.

Sweet Blossoms

Sweet Blossoms + Liz Hough Photography
Sweet Blossoms + Liz Hough Photography


The Cafe Au Laits in these bouquets came from Don’s gardens.  When I got them, I was stunned.  They were way bigger than any I’d ever seen and I was thrilled to have been so lucky!  The bride even put one in her hair-how elegant!

Sweet Blossoms + Rebecca Keeling Photography

These beautiful white ball dahlias also came from Don’s gardens.  They were perfect for this rustic barn wedding.  I loved the look of the clean dahlias in contrast with the thistles and dusty miller.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through the land of dahlias.  What’s your favorite color of dahlia?

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