The Aisle

When people think of weddings, it seems to me that the bouquets are always the number one focus and the centerpieces come just behind that.  But what about the aisle??  The altar??  This is the place where the bride will see her groom for the first time.  This is the place that the groom will first see his future wife!  There is such potential there to be an important part of the decor for a wedding! And so many options…..candles, arches, petals down the aisle, pew/chair arrangements…You are limited only by your imagination!  Here are a few that might get the ideas flowing!

Azalea Floral Design + Eric Foley Photography

Don’t have an altar?  Make one!  The photo above makes use of an old fireplace covered in bud vases and a small gathering of the day’s flowers.

Jose Villa Photography + Holly Flora
Sometimes candles are all the decoration you need at the end of your aisle.  So romantic….

Katelyn James Photography + Amanda Veronee of Anthomanic

Here we have a set of doors with monograms and an arch of flowers creating a beautiful colorful background.

Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding and Event Design

Oh, the petals!  I cannot get enough of swirly petals down the aisle, and what a great, new use for pomander (kissing) balls!  Who wouldn’t want to walk down that aisle??

Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding and Event Design
Ok so this isn’t technically the end of an aisle, but it could be!  Consider combining some elegant flow-y fabric with gatherings of the days’s flowers!

Michael George

Another beautiful, soft, and romantic use of candles and petals together.  Look carefully at the end of the aisle…Those calla lilies are easily 2 feet tall!  Such elegance!

Rachel A Clingen Wedding and Event Design

I love the use of these branches to create a faux archway!

Stephen Ludwig Photography + Marie Blooms

This adorable little structure was made the way a chuppah might be made, but it’s covering a table at the end of the aisle.  It doubles as an archway, too!  I love the whimsical branches and the playful use of flowers!

Liz Hough Photography + Sweet Blossoms

You can’t tell from this photo but there is another, larger trellis on the other side of this aisle that was a part of the venue’s ceremony space.  The bride and groom didn’t want to use it because the groom’s father created this special arch himself for the couple.  While they were honeymooning, he installed it into their yard and hung a swing from it that they could enjoy for years to come.  My point is that if there is a way to bring something personal to any part of your wedding decor, do it!  This was my favorite aisle decoration to make because I knew the love that went into its creation!  It made this arch that much more special!

As you can see, there are SO many ways to decorate your aisle!  It’s easy to ignore it, but it is a perfect place to add a little piece of your personality into your wedding!  Don’t forget it!  If budget is a concern, consider reusing some of the flowers later on in your reception.  I hope these have been inspiring to you.

What is YOUR favorite way to decorate an aisle?

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