Pretty, pretty peonies!

So typically we think of peonies as a sign of spring and summer, but did you know there’s a fall season for peonies too?  They will not be American Grown, they will be imported but if you simply MUST have peonies for your wedding, know that they are also available in the late fall.  I love peonies-they are like fluffy little clouds of sweetness that make every bouquet more beautiful.  They also remind me of my sister, as they are one of her favorites.  Here are some of my favorite peony bouquets.  I hope you might find some inspiration in these images!
A Day in Provence + Agape Moments

I love these big, fluffy, white peonies.  The simplicity of this bouquet is in the choice of one single stunning flower, accented with only greens.  Lovely!

A Garden Party +Jeff Anderson Photography

The combination of the soft ruffles of the peonies with the spiky greens, and the pops of color make this bouquet one of a kind.

Alicia Jayne Florals + Stacey Windsor Photography

These yellow peonies look a little different than the typical ruffly peonies.  These are tree peonies and they have a slightly different look.  I love the complimentary colors of purple and yellow together-they give great contrast which really helps each flower to stand out.

Katelyn James Photography + Pat’s Floral Design

Coral has become a very popular color for weddings in the last few years.  The two shades of coral with the white peonies create a gorgeous contrast to the bride’s dress.

Kelly Dillon Photography + Exquisite Linens And Florals

These peonies have blush colored outer petals with a pure white center.  The effect as a very soft, feminine light pink bouquet!

Nave Event Design + Vitalic Photo

I love these bold, burgundy peonies!  When you have such a bold bloom like this, you don’t need other flowers!  This bride even had the guts to put one in her hair, too!  Just beautiful!

Sweet Blossoms + Candance Schwab Photography

I loved making this bouquet for Beth.  She asked for peonies and a bouquet that would compliment daisies, her mother’s favorite flower.  We chose a creamy off-white peony to compliment the yellows from the daisies and tulips.  There’s something so special about being able to create a bouquet that has a special meaning for the bride!

I hope these images have inspired you!  There are so many different colors and types of peonies!  No matter which you pick, a peony will add something truly special to your bouquet.

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