Pretty in Pink

A post on pink flowers, you say?  How can we encompass all those pretty pinks into one post?  Well the good news is that we have plenty of posts to cover all the pink, and for this post, we will stick to light pinks and true pinks.  Pink has been pretty popular recently, particularly in lighter shades.  It goes with almost any color: blue, grey, yellow, green, white, black, purple, you name it.  It can be the focal color, or an accent color.  Here are some of my favorite arrangements that use pink.

Azalea Floral Design + Eric Foley Photography

I love that this arrangement uses contrasting colors to offset the pink.  Green and pink is a favorite combination of mine and really makes the yellow pop!

Bare Root Flora + 35mm Photography

Here, the pink is used much more subtly.  It ties in with the peach and ivory shades.  That little hint of dark pink in the middle is the perfect accent to such a light bouquet!  I just love the subtle pink of the dripping flowers too!

Cornucopia Flowers and Robert and Kathleen Photographers

I think a completely pink bouquet can be lovely too!  You can mix different shades and textures to create something romantic and sweet.


I just love this one!  The light pink roses are a gentle accent to a beautifully textured bouquet.  I also love that the pink ribbon accent picks up both colors from the bouquet.

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers +Jodi Miller Photography

Here we have a mostly pink bouquet, and the accent is the greenery.  Pink and green–my favorite!  The combination of large and small flowers creates great contrast, while the greenery adds an airy quality and a lovely asymmetrical cascade.

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

I love the contrast in this bouquet of pale, soft colors and the dark fiddle-head ferns.  I know you see my favorite dahlia (the cafe au lait dahlia) in the middle of this bouquet, so it was high on my favorites list already.  Combine that pretty dusty pink with a dark accent color, and you have a spectacular bouquet!

Sweet Blossoms + Elliott O’Donovan Photography

Can’t go wrong with peach, blush, and white.  The minty green is a great contrast to using light colors in your bouquet.

Unknown-please contact me if you know the designer or photographer!

I love grey and pink together.  It’s a lovely and modern color palette.  Bet you didn’t think that grey flowers and foliage could occur in nature, did ya?

Vicki Grafton Photography + Alicia Jayne Florals

Last but not least, I love this dusty, pinky, purple bouquet from Alicia Jayne Florals.  Here the pink is an accent to the plum color in the flowers and the ribbon.  Notice the little hint of pale pink in the ribbon treatment!

Hopefully these give you some ideas of how to use pink in your wedding, either as an accent or a focal color.  Pink is a classic wedding color, but there are always ways to make your wedding decor new and interesting, and most importantly, unique to you as a couple!

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