Help give a better holiday to families of Wounded Warriors!

Many of you don’t know this, but Sweet Blossoms is not yet my full time job.  As my company is still growing, I work during the week for Easter Seals.  One of the many great services provided by Easter Seals is The Little Warrior Program which provides free childcare for children of Wounded Warriors in collaboration with the US Army Child Youth and School Services.  The children and families of Wounded Warriors are faced with many challenges, including relocation to be with the wounded parent as he or she receives rehabilitation services as well as adjusting to the new reality of living with and caring for a parent with a new disability.  Currently my center provides services for 6 families, several of whom have multiple children.  These kiddos are going through so much and I would just love to help give them a happier holiday!

By clicking on the link below, you can make a donation of any denomination, to help these families.  Sweet Blossoms will match each donation, up to $500, to be divided equally among these amazing families.

**This solicitation is being done solely on behalf of myself and Sweet Blossoms.  This post is being published with Easter Seals’ permission, but NOT on its behalf.**

***This opportunity is now closed!  Thanks to all who donated!***

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