Floral Accessories!

Let’s talk about accessories…  We all know that the bride gets her bouquet.  But can you think of any other ways that we can bring out the bride’s personality?  Flowers can be made into hair pieces, belts, purses, and bracelets!  Who says the bride is the only one who gets to play with accessories?  Flower girls, mother’s of the bride and bridesmaids can also have these non-traditional and fun accessories.  Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through!  Here are some ideas that I hope inspire you!

A Garden Party + Alison Dunn Photography
Valerie Busque Photography + Élysée Fleurs 2
Often flowers can be attached to a comb or to bobby pins.  This allows them to be placed anywhere in the bride’s hair-not just as a wreath!


Alicia Jayne Florals

Who wouldn’t want to wear a stunning ring in place of a corsage or bouquet?  So beautiful!

Birch Blooms + Melissa Schollaert Photography

This sweet belt is a perfect alternative to a bouquet for a non-traditional bride.  You could also swap your bouquet after the ceremony and pictures for a belt at the reception and have the best of both worlds!

Elizabeth Messina + Cody Floral Design

What a delicate touch to make a flower girl feel super-special!  These can be secured with pins, which means this sweet little one will have her hands free to carry flowers, or a sign!

Jessica Sim Photography + Leaf & Honey

This bold bride makes a statement with big, colorful blooms as a hair wreath!  Stunning!

Maria Vicencio Photography + Crimson And Clover

I love this little flower girl pomander ball!  A perfect alternative to a bouquet for little hands.

Sophisticated Floral Designs

This is a gorgeous pop of color for any flower girl!

Sophisticated Floral Designs

Corsages have come a long way and this floral cuff is the perfect modern alternative to the wrist corsage!

There simply aren’t enough words for me to say how brilliant I think this necklace is.  This could easily be paired with a floral ring or bracelet.
Sweet Blossoms + Elliott O’Donovan Photography
The ladies aren’t the only ones who can have floral accessories!  Look at this adorable little ring bearer pillow!
I hope these accessories are able to bring some inspiration to you.  The truth is, almost anything can be made out of flowers, as long as you are able to dream it up!  The sky is the limit, so if flowers are a priority for your wedding, get creative!  Wear your flowers!


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