So we’ve done a lot of talking here about bridal bouquets, altar arrangements, centerpieces.  But what about the groom?  Shouldn’t he have a bit of flare as well?  Today’s post is dedicated to the boutonniere, or button hole.  It’s worn on the left side of the groom’s lapel (over his heart) and can also be attached to a vest or suspenders in the case of a more casual wedding.  Here are some of my favorites!

Amie Schroeder Photography + A Garden Party

I love that this boutonniere makes me think of fall.  The red berries combined with the tan sea oats are a great rustic combination.


Another fall boutonniere, this one has pinecone elements.

Maria Mack Photography + Sullivan Owen
She Wanders Photography + Root 75

I love these sweet little citrus colored ranunculus.  Note that while the flowers are the same, the colors are mismatched.  Boutonnieres don’t have to all be the same.  As long as there is a unifying element, like the same flower type, or the same ribbon color, boutonnieres can vary just like bridesmaid bouquets!

Photo Pink and Rebecca Shepherd Photography

Boutonnieres can have non-floral elements as well. Take a look at this spotted feather accent.

Robert and Kathleen Photographers + The Mini Rose Company

I love the prickly texture of the thistle next to the soft elegance of the peach rose.  The contrast in color and texture makes for a perfect boutonniere.

Sophisticated Floral Designs

Well, I love a lot of things about this boutonniere.  The plum color is so rich, but I also like the texture (are you noticing a texture theme here?) of the soft flower with the prickly herbs, and bumpy berries.  Get creative! You don’t have to use only flowers!

Sweet Blossoms + Rebecca Keeling Photography
This was one of my favorites to create.  I love the succulent with the other non-floral elements.  Here the flower is the accent, not the focus!
I hope these have inspired you.  Remember the boutonniere is a great way to add uniqueness to your bridal party, and a great way to allow the groom to show some of his personality!  Think about using non-floral elements like berries, herbs, leaves, and feathers as accents!

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